Game: how to balance social and tax interests

Not a day passes, for some time now, that we don't talk about the world of gambling: tables, congresses, meetings, events. And we are not talking, also and above all, of all those inconsistencies that arose after the issue ... more

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Once and for all: the prohibition applied to the game is wrong

Ever since the Dignity Decree was issued, with the ban on advertising to games and bets, this provision has been "against" this provision since prohibition, so naked and raw, is sure that it will bring nothing ... more

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The American game is an excellence but it is disappearing

Getting to pursue the result that our American game has managed to achieve in the last ten to two years is a goal that has made it possible to build, albeit with many sacrifices, an industry of the public game "envied" by many other countries and ... more

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Rome: the mayor leaves more hours to the game

Perhaps, but only perhaps, someone is realizing how much the play activities are "too tight" during the times that are imposed on them by regional and municipal laws relating to the functioning of entertainment equipment: with a few hours of ... more

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United Kingdom: the Report on Problematic Players published

It is not understood if it is because the writer is inside gambling and follows "all its movements and planetary evolutions", but it seems that the game touches all the countries and all latitudes and that its consequences ... more

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What we have to wait for the future game reform

First point: when it comes to future game reform and when it comes to the government of change ... you could expect everything, particularly after the provision of the Dignity Decree and the ban on the advertising it contains. So yes… more

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Game and bets: what development after the dignity decree?

The importance of understanding the trend of the markets, and the need for the responsibility of the operators on the future of the game, conveys several betting companies to participate in the Betting on Sports event and this emphasizes to focus attention on artificial intelligence that yes ... more

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Game: Progress advertising will also be blocked

In the new government of change, again, there had been no public game, or take care of it albeit remotely, but unfortunately, we have already reached the ban on advertising to games and bets. So, that old slogan that accompanied ... more

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Discrimination for those who attend gambling

There is nothing to do, in common living and public opinion, gambling is equated as a crime to prostitution, wear, drugs and arms trafficking: consequently, those involved and frequented the Gambling is undoubtedly discriminated against…. more

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The Dignity Decree made for the security of the players

We continue to throw stones against the dignity decree rightly or wrongly, but we continue to discuss and find the impossible of negativity in this provision. But there are those who would also like to look at that "something" of positive (also ... more

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