The ban on advertising to the game against European standards

He had anticipated in another article of what he would have discussed the Dignity decree in Malta in Malta in Malta, and it is obvious, as regards the absolute prohibition of advertising to the games and bets that the same ... more

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Game: Article 89 of the Piedmont Law is an absurdity

We want once again, and hopefully it is also the last, to return to the absurdity of article 89 of the game on the game that applies to the Piedmont region: you would first like to understand with which mentality has been studied and placed ... more

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5 Star Movement: On the game only words

During the election campaign, the incandescent topic of gambling with his "extermination" repeatedly announced during those days, precisely by the current penta-stellate prime minister Luigi Di Maio, had been ridden by the deployment of the Five Stars. The topic game, including all of them ... more

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The Dignity Decree is changing the future of online casinos

The future of online gaming companies and online casinos there is no doubt that it will be strongly conditioned by the Dignity Decree and the ban on advertising to the games and bets it includes. More than once you are ... more

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The online game is sinking the terrestrial game

On the American territory, it has been repeated for a long time, the tricolor casinos are strategically positioned (but not too much) all in the north, putting in condition the population of the center and south of not being able to "use" that particular entertainment that they offer ... more

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Game: the commercial life of companies should not be compromised

To our (current) politicians who make up the deployment that the country manages, perhaps, it may appear that when they are urged, from many sides, to take the defenses of the world of public gambling (and therefore lawful), it is as if they came solicited ... more

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The American game needs a total re -foundation

Instead of continuing to "speak badly and demonize gambling and American online casinos" and to consider them "immoral and a plague of our century", we should have the intellectual intelligence to face one of its re -foundation, based on three great themes : ... more

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The legal game endangered by mafia infiltrations

Unfortunately, we continue to talk about gambling in combination with criminal organizations that in this ephemeral sector find "a lot of bread for their teeth" and see something interesting in this business to "wash and iron their own ... more

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The lucrative illegal betting market

It has long been included that the world of gambling, and particularly the segment of entertainment equipment and that of bets, falls within the "hunger and desire for power" that highlight in organized crime: the "various mafias" Not… more

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A beautiful fairy tale involving gambling

Honestly, "we like" every now and then report that the fulfillment of a beautiful fairy tale happens by Gambling: the "thing" so vituped, despised and removed since it is said to be an infinite series of misfortunes. Everything that… more

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