Ticket Redemption: discusses on the ban in USA

So much has been done and so much has been said around the world of public gambling and the American online casino sites: there is no manifestation or event that pertains to playful businesses that do not enhance all ... more

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Young people: high risk between drugs and pathological gambling

Students from 15 to 19 years of age are held "under shooting" in a report developed by the Department for Anti -drug policies on the phenomenon of drug addictions in USA, with data collected in relation to the year 2017, bearing in mind that this research ... more

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With the new year, definitive solutions for the game are sought

The "history" is repeated: but, year after year, for the world of gambling, and also for that of all the best American casino sites, another equal to the previous one reopens. Taxation increases, retouches to ... more

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Wear and gambling: unfortunately almost always in arm

"We don't like it" at all, and unfortunately it happens more and more often that the world of gambling, and also that of online casinos with slot machines, is approached, sometimes indiscriminately, to organized crime and still worse for wear , cause of ... more

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The paradox of the Dignity and Slot Machine decree

If you want to "enter the paradox" once again when it comes to gambling, it must absolutely underline, as regards the total prohibition of its advertising, that entertainment equipment the "notorious slot machines machines" not ... more

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The primary purpose of the game is to entertain and entertain

We will never stop underlining that the unique and central goal of the game is to entertain and entertain: it applies to all types of game, therefore also for gambling which, when it was made legitimate, had all ... more

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Hopefully 2019 will bring good news for the game

With the end of the year 2018 and with the beginning of the new one, bearer is hoped for novelty and national regulations at the level of the public and mess on the web, we want to express ourselves again in a strong voice against ... more

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Is there someone in favor of the game advertising stop?

There is someone who believes that the Dignity Decree, and particularly the ban on advertising to the casino on the internet that contains, has not been thought and put in place to indiscriminately affect the public game, and therefore lawful, but for ... more

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The government defends its choices about gambling

In the latest articles of those who write these lines, we wanted to highlight how much the solutions that the current yellow-green executive has put in place in the current financial maneuver: and also how much they go to clash with the ... more

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The maneuver on games: this unfinished perennial

Once again, after the various pre-electoral "sinking" and the various proclamations in relation to the "immoral gambling", one has returned to their steps, at least for the moment, given that the resources of the game and the American sites of casino serve, ... more

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