Ice London: the operators of the game present carefully

Without fear of being denied, it can be safely said that the American game, including the best casino sites, does not want to die, nor drown, on the contrary: in fact, the operators of our country despite the fact that the sea is not quiet at all at all, but redundant ... more

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Live poker and live events in Esports

Who knows if these two worlds are destined to cross albeit totally different? In fact, they have been trying for a while, almost a couple of years and even more: they are worlds that can probably do a lot together, or projected not ... more

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The current situation of the game even worries the government

Luckily it is not only the world of games, including legal online casino platforms, with its industries and its operators complaining about the "delay" with which the government of change is not activating ... more

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Government clash and game operators by social media

There is no doubt that the world of gambling, and also that of the best online casinos, is not listened to in his needs and problems by the government of change: indeed, as soon as possible his deputy ... more

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Unauthorized collection of betting on the stationery shop

Certainly, an unusual postcard place ... which acts as a betting agency! It does not seem to us to have already happened, but it has happened in Sicily. The Tar Sicily, therefore, following this "default" confirmed the revocation of the public license ... more

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The American reality has changed and with it also the game

The American reality has changed and on this, in addition to there is no doubt, it is naturally part of the evolution of times, of the technology that advances and that involves all citizens (even those who do not want it and are difficult for this ... more

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The Totocalcio Magna pomp Rinascita

That the Totocalcio old man is dear to many people is not a shadow of doubt and equally undoubted is that with recent games to predictions that of the Totocalcio is almost "disappeared" since he no longer cares about having it on, seen ... more

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The legal game is still strongly loved in USA

While continuing "to give against lawful game and legal online casinos", apparently, you do not look good at the illegal one that, alas, the American players know very well, at least according to the 31st Eurispes report that follows the ... more

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The sanction for illegal game must be exacerbated

It is still becoming relevance, but perhaps it has never gone to the oblivion, the harsh law on the game and the mess of the network applied in Piedmont that has created great discomfort in that territory to companies in the sector that does not ... more

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The new slot machines with 68% payout approved

It could be said, until a few days ago, that "... after the damage also the mockery!" As for the manufacturers of game appliances and slot machines. Not only did they have to adapt their artifacts to the "new playout of ... more

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