The goal of a responsible game must be absolutely achieved

It may be that the greatest income of gambling, with the casino best legal Americans in the lead, are to be attributed to problematic players, assiduous visitors who can become compulsive, and not by most of the subjects who turn ... more

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Global pandemic and its impact on gambling

Obviously you do not want to make a comparison between what has happened, and which still happens, following the pandemic at a planetary level and what will happen in our country to the public game, after the regional elections just finished: not ... more

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The search for a meeting point between banks and gambling

The echo of the externalizations of a senator relating to the "bad management" of the relationships between credit institutions and the world of game, including all the mess: bad relationships that have been dragging for some time and that have not ... including ... more

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The boycott of gambling continues by some American regions

It was not enough that Lombardy, Lazio, Marche and Veneto only to mention some regions, "gently exempted" gambling companies, and also the sites for playing the mess, from the various and supported resources directed to companies in difficulty due to the emergency ... more

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Great Britain: a campaign to bet responsibly

In Great Britain, a strong campaign was put in place, "Bet Regret", by Gambleware, and also supported as by agreements between the government and the game industry by Sky, BT Sport, ITV and Channel 4 that ... more

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Lottery of the receipts: so the tax evasion is fought

You really don't want to return to the spiral of the controversy that some time ago from these lines "took our hand" when the formulation of a new state lottery had been announced, the "Lottery of the receipts", because then yes ... more

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Online poker: shared liquidity brings many discussions

The request by two Deputies of Forza Italia of the immediate termination of the adhesion to the European pact for the shared liquidity of online poker on the one hand leaves you stunned, since this agreement, which dates back to July 2017 and signed with ... more

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Let's take a tour of the French gambling

The sums relating to a French online game budget, with the best messages including including the second quarter of 2020 to confront the impact that inevitably the health emergency has produced on that market are being brought together: today that the ... more

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Prohibition to gambling continues to exist

Despite authoritative opinions, including that of the police chief Gabrielli and that of the Dia, as well as experts in crime related to the world of game and the best American messages, which push towards anti-prohibition that is nothing more than the ... more

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The pressing phenomenon of illegal and criminal gambling

If some right -thinking is still reached by hypocritical thought that the public game, including American legal casinos online, "be immoral and the evil of the century" must study the history of the game a little ... more

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