We forcefully condemn all illegal bets

It is not possible to understand those who frequent the game is presumed to have fun, even if there is always a somewhat particular adrenaline in bets, and then we go to cross with clandestine ones that are becoming more and more fashionable ... more

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Ideas for a new legal gambling flourish

More than once it was underlined that this period of official stop of play activities, not of the American casino legal sites online, to which the closure has been imposed could represent the exact moment to put ... more

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Beware of young people: from ludopathies to violent video games

This worrying moment made the attention of the insiders divert, perhaps only for a single moment, by the usual problems that invest violent video games that are increasingly found on the web and that in a possible Lockdown, ... more

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Gambling companies and "institutional refreshments"

About 212 thousand companies that would be entitled to receive the "institutional refreshments" made available at a lost fund for the activities that found themselves having to close their doors for the fight against the crownavirus: more repeated ... more

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Gambling disappointed for the continuous closures

When Prime Minister Conte speaks, with often reassuring voice in words, reflections are expected to be done to face the pandemic, as well as new and continuous interventions on the organization of the various sectors and on the sometimes radical changes of ... more

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How to save legal gambling from Pandemia from Covid-19

The Coronavirus is an "invisible" tragedy that moves with an extreme speed and, therefore, from unusual timing and, above all, it is an evolution that requires timeliness in the responses and which, instead, is treated as "a normal" event even if the ... more

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Coronavirus and gambling: an opportunity to put out the cards

If "not all evil comes to harm", something positive could also be drawn from the bitter experience in which this pandemic has dragged us together with the pain of many people directly involved in the crownavirus. Unfortunately, the epidemiological situation has shocked ... more

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Game and Coronavirus: a really difficult combination

It is not true that the epidemiological emergency is completely negative! As for the game and the best sites of American legal casino, especially, it has managed to agree on politics in carrying out the total closure of the activities of the ... more

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Illegal bets and animal mistreatment

Sometimes, perhaps evidently too softly, there has been talk in these lines of illegal bets, not performed on legal casinos, which took place in the period of the first Lockdown, where there were no championships of any kind on which to bet like ... more

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ADM wants a single text that leads to protect the legal game

For some time now, the Customs and Monopolies Agency, Adm, in the person of its general manager has been demonstrating a real "body spirit" for his public game and for American sites ... more

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