Gyms and fairs on the reopening but nothing is known about gambling

One cannot be happy with all this vociare relating to the different openings also for "non -essential" activities because, evidently, it means that "yet the industry all over the world moves" even if with the restrictions still imposed by ... more

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It is hoped that the go -ahead for gambling will soon be given

Today the world of games, including the best casino sites, has sadly accustomed itself to living and taking advantage of the "more raw reality" to which it is obliged to submit even if, unfortunately, the current reality is not the one that was expected ... more

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American terrestrial mess: we are impatient to reopen safely

Today everything and its opposite can be said about the pandemic: but it is clear that the expectations of all operators are to be able to reopen the doors of the activities as soon as possible. Reason more for those deemed "non -essential" ... more

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Gambling: Great Britain starts great

While we can only congratulate the results obtained by the British government in having almost completely deflated the coronavirus contagues in that territorial reality, obviously hoping that this is lasting, we must deal with our topicality ... more

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Gambling must deal with regional laws

The slalom of the game and the Adm casinos among the dates relating to the opening of the activities deemed "non -essential" continues, undaunted. However, pending the restart of the earthly game presumably by the end of April, but still unavailable, the sector is looking for ... more

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Gambling: ready to make players fall in love again

It is increasingly evident that in recent times politics, media and also public opinion is paying more attention to the whole recreational sector and also to the best American online casinos authorized ADM: from all over the world of games, ... more

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It really needs that gambling will start quickly

The problems and thoughts that haunt the new appointment are certainly not few: and, without a doubt, having read the latest Istat report relating to the current affairs and projection of the numbers relating to workers who are without a place ... more

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On the rubble of gambling is the time to reconstruct

Although this is without a shadow of a doubt the most black period of the world of authorized games and mess, one would like to start from an extremely important fact: the role that the Customs and Monopolies Agency is putting on the field ... more

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Many companies with many employees gravitate around the gambling

Almost, all the sectors are no doubt that they are in "life danger" (commercial): in fact, a year like that of the health emergency has destroyed a lot of work done in companies where the related owners were strongly committed to ... more

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Terrestrial gambling: still stopped at the pole

In the last few days he "feels" the desire for change also to maintain hope and keep up with the persistence of the infections whose results unfortunately prevent programs immediately: any change would certainly serve to reassure citizens and businesses ... more

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