Gambling cannot even manifest in the square

Not only is the world of games and the best American casinos have been closed since October 2020, economically destroyed and also psychologically since professionals no longer know what to invent to be able to keep their companies "live company" never ... more

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Premier Draghi: even on the game you have to be pragmatic

For the moment the Coronavirus has not been eradicated even if the administration of the ongoing vaccines must be sent on its way and soon it should deliver more reassuring data than today: therefore, it is still chasing it by looking for ... more

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Gambling: Risoring Risen and Perennial Confusion

In these days, inevitably, it is reflecting if the risks calculated by the government for the reopening of some activities have not caused serious junctions in the epidemiological curve: the vaccines are delivering the very first positive results with some decreases of the contagions, ... more

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The state must allow players to play responsibly

The uncertainty of continuing to exist and of being poorly considered is bringing the playful world, and that of the best American legal casino, to be impatient to the various reasoning of "calculated risk" made by the team of the new Draghi government, where ... more

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Still today the words of gambling and prohibition are united

It is not understood, or perhaps it is precisely understandable, that the game, and also the top casino sites in USA, in this long period of Lockdown is bringing out "every mood" that has impressed it both in the ... more

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Unified conference: fly to improve today's gambling

But how many things are things that still "don't work" in public game and in the main online casinos? First of all, the inconsistency with which the whole recreational sector is treated by the institutions and their "doing", particularly aside ... more

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There is no popular need to eliminate gambling

During the health emergency that imposed on the public game, and also to the new casinos, to disappear from circulation and remain closed "without if and without but" without a long time dedicated, and also space on the printed paper and in the ... more

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Legal gambling: it is not a Serie B sector

Despite the many (and perhaps too many) words spent by some politician to prove to be aware of the needs and disastrous situations in which the public game, including American casinos, has now lived since October 2020, and also from those of the President of the Republic ... more

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Closed gambling: loss of income for the state

More and more those who love the world of gambling, including the best top online casinos in USA, cannot understand the motivation for which even the new Draghi government cannot face and define, a ... more

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Evaluate the damage that illegality causes gambling

The general manager of ADM, recently confirmed, rises to the barricades to defend the world of games and the online sword online casinos tracked: first of all to support the sector in the battle to see himself recognized congruous supports at ... more

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