At the casino with the green pass: choice of responsibility

How many complaints and how many disorders procured this blessed Green pass! It continually discussing and leads to incessant events which, however, do not make our Premier Draghi indiettimatically backs off who inserted the new Super Green Pass and ... more

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The online legal gambling must absolutely be protected

To the cry "Let's preserve the legal online game and the top mess" you have to carefully look at the critical issues of the sector ... before it is too late! In fact, one can only bring this game back to the "protected area", considered ... more

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The innovative concession model for legal gambling

Before moving on to the topic that today we "like" to treat, we would like to underline to those who take the burden of putting the reorganization of the game and sites in play to play the slots, that the figure of the managers of the appliances from ... more

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Government choices for the fate of gambling

Sooner or later we will be able to understand the motivation for which the central government, and in particular the Draghi government, does not want to openly take sides against the game and the best online casinos through the expression of "a choice of ... more

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United gambling to request the reorganization now

Also to enter a little lightness in an important and delicate topic such as that of the game reform and the top casino sites, you would really like to shout strong: "All for one, one for everyone!". So all those who ... more

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To improve gambling, a responsible government is needed

Today more than ever that the chapter of the national reorganization of the entire game and new casino sector could really open up, it would be necessary to understand the motivation that pushed some executives, starting from those "four hands" to arrive (alas) also ... more

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The importance of legality for American gambling

How many of us have ever stopped to reflect on the importance of legality in our territory? Objectively, it is taken for granted since the presence of the police reassure us, although in their possibilities, that everything is under control ... more

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Explosion of online gambling among American players

Really many times, and in relative many occasions, it has been underlined how much players' choices have changed during the various lockdown and also post-Coronavirus in particular as regards gambling and top online casinos…. more

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National reorganization of the game: promise to date uninhabited

One would never want to think that a government that is organizing itself with great stubbornness to restart the country system and all its economy, is not evaluating with current data and certain in hand, any maneuver relating to ... more

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Uncertainties and turmoil in the world of gambling

When during the very long Lockdown, and also to the reopening of the various game activities and new mess dating back to last June and gradually that the months passed towards post-Pandemìa, the speech of the national reorganization of the entire sector remained ... more

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