Illegal gambling driven by shady interests

In the last few days there have been debates, conferences and seminars for the fight against illegal gambling and the illegality that has taken part in part of our territory: this is unquestionably means that both the central government and the police ... more

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Gambling and the mafias: a symbiosis to be countered

Seminars were held on the presence of illegality in gambling and in the best American legal mess, on the entrance also in the public game of illegal "well -dressed" unlawful gestions, with figurehead, as legal game: activities not very easy to trace For ... more

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Undersecretary of the Games: first possible

Even before his appointment, and also as soon as he took place, the Undersecretary with delegation to the games and new casinos best Americans Federico Freni has repeatedly "exposed" on the need to arrive as soon as possible to drafting ... more

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Change the use of Green Pass also for the game rooms

With the changes for access to the various commercial activities, it is necessary to draw in help of the operators also for those who deal with the best game rooms and casinos, who are struggling with the variation of the coloring of some ... more

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The blindness of the government in facing gambling

We continue to speak, from many sides, of how bad he has done to our American territory having decided to keep the legal activities of the game and casino top best closed totally and for so long time during the health emergency, ... more

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Gambling points more and more monitored

Law enforcement officers are also significantly engaged for the control of the Green Pass and with the manifestations of the "No-Green Pass and No Vax" who insist in their refractory attitude to anything can communicate the institutions. In addition to the territory ... more

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Gambling: the great importance of its resources

With all due respect to its detractors, unfortunately still still present in public opinion, the world of games and best casino sites with slot is "entertaining" politics so that important decisions are made for the entire playful sector that you ... more

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The importance of the legal game for the country and for the tax authorities

Even if an experience is negative is still an experience and therefore, in everyone's personal baggage: and if the pandemic emergency, that the institutions with the closure of the game activities for so long, probably faced without ... more

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Green Pass and Gambling Game: Cacciando to Smarti

Perhaps, it should be realized that our future, unfortunately, could be conditioned by a pandemic that is struggling to eradicate and that will force us, even if you hope no, to another dose of vaccine that will go beyond ... more

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Served checks of the Green Pass also in the game rooms

There is someone who insists on the absurd thought that "the epidemic does not exist (and therefore the human losses that have unfortunately have been made), that the vaccines are not needed and that it is the same state that injects the vaccine for ... more

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