Government always motionless on the reorganization of gambling

The more and more times the central government has been accused of not "moving" quickly enough to put his hand at the reorganization of the game, casino best Americans including, and to be "wet his nose" by the direct interventions of the regions that, one ... more

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There are still those who think that sports bets are harmful

There is no shadow of doubt that this particular moment for the world of games and new slot casinos represents the opportunity to be subjected to a careful examination in any path wants to take: it will perhaps be because the air feels air ... more

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The state must frame gambling in a different way

That in the last two years of pandemic emergency, part of the various sectors have "economically disintegrated" to deal with an unpredictable situation and which has found all the entrepreneurs decidedly stunned towards an absurd commercial situation, is unfortunately a ... more

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The whole world of games wants to continue improving

Pending the national reorganization of the entire game and best casino sector with slots that should regulate it evenly so that the players, wherever they are, have a single and only treatment, which should distribute it homogeneously on ... more

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Online betting: there is satisfaction for this historical period

With the result of the re -election of the "old" head of the state, it had to be acknowledged, once again, how much our current policy is unable to make a conscious choice: honestly, not making a good impression between quarrels and ... more

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Gambling: it is feared that the reorganization can be blocked

Here, in these lines, only two words to express a certainly not rewarding feeling towards our policy which, despite having had a long time available, even before the date set for the appointment of the new President of the Republic, ... more

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Events on live game: in the spring it was caught

The pandemic emergency has truly made "massacre of trust and hopes" since, unfortunately, he brought all the sectors and upset the programs and projects of many businesses on his knees: obviously, not only in the world of games and mess ... more

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Football and sports bets do not represent the devil

Without a shadow of a doubt during the health emergency, the various Lockdown, the stunted recovery of the activities left considerable space for the reflections that also intervened on a personal level by citizens who confronted themselves with a reality ... more

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A deaf government to the requests of gambling

In recent times, several times we have returned to discuss the obligation of the green pass to access tobacconists, a provision that if on the one hand the associations believed it right for the protection of the health of the same operators and players, on the other ... more

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When gambling can never be quiet

What means certainty, security and future are terms that, especially during the pandemic emergency, certainly do not find "applicability" to the entire world of games that was failed for months and months from the health problem that caused its closure ... more

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