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The casinoonlineams.com editorial staff wants to bring you to the discovery of the Clickandbuy payment method that you can use within many American legal casino sites. These types of platforms take the name of casino online ClickandBuynull Using clickandbuy inside the internet mess is really simple and intuitive, as well as being extremely safe and fast. This page gives you all the information necessary to understand how to use clickandbuy inside the American legal online casinos. You can use this payment system to deposit or to collect any winnings made with games. We have also inserted a complete list of online casinos currently authorized in USA that accept this payment system.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General description on Clickandbuy

Have you ever heard of Clickandbuy? It can literally be translated into American with the expression "Click and buy" and this can already give you an idea of what are its potential. We at playgambling.org We want to illustrate all the main features of this modern payment method, also used in the various Authorized American online casino Clickandbuy present inside the games of the games at this precise moment. Our guide will serve you to decide whether to use this or another of the tools that the network makes available to you to make your payments. The Clickandbuy Ltd company, which gives work to about 200 employees scattered in over 30 countries, was founded in 1999 at the American city of Cologne and, since 2010, it has been managed entirely by American Telekom.

Its headquarters is recorded with number 5661160 and is located in London, while all operations are regulated by the British FSA (Financial Services Authority) note. It is a payment method accepted and supported both in online clickandbuys and in thousands of e-commerce all over the world (also the renowned Apple Store) and is used by over 14 million individual users, who employ it for transactions of various types. To give you an idea, about 120 currencies are involved and every year more and more people ask to be able to register at the service for online casinos Clickandbuy.

As far as its operation is concerned, the Clickandbuy service appears very similar to Paypal, i.e. it is an electronic wallet to connect to your account or your card. Like Paypal, moreover, does not provide for any type of payment or deposit In the registration phase and the entire activation process is absolutely simple and immediate. No hidden cost! Just enter the data that are requested and wait for the access credentials, i.e. user ID, password and security code are attributed to you. After the registration process, you are sent to you all via e -mail and you can then proceed with the next phase, i.e. the connection of the wallets to the current account or paper.

Quest’ultima può essere una carta di debito o di credito, non ha alcuna importanza, perciò potrai utilizzarne anche una creata proprio per sfruttare i vantaggi del servizio nei casino online ClickandBuy, da ricaricare solamente quando hai la necessità di utilizzare il tuo conto virtuale. In questo modo aumenti il già eccellente livello di sicurezza garantito da ClickandBuy. La verifica del tuo account ClickandBuy avviene dopo l’accettazione dei T& C (disponibili in tedesco e inglese) e, contestualmente, noterai un piccolo addebito nella pagina delle tue transazioni.

The latter is necessary to check that everything works at best and that the credentials inserted are correct, but the entire amount will be re -credited to you at the end of the registration process. As happens for other payment methods, remember that you will be taken 1 euro every month if you will earth your inactive account for a whole year. Of course if you have decided to use this service to play with a certain frequency on online clickandbuy casinos, it is unlikely that this condition will occur! The same amount is taken in the event that, one year after its closure, funds are still present within your personal account.

If you are already familiar with the use of PayPal, you will know well that virtual wallets are very comfortable since very simple to use and extremely safenull To exploit the features of this Ewallet in the online casinos Clickandbuy you simply have to enter your username and password, without having to type the information relating to your current account or card every time. During the execution of the various transactions you are not requested any additional cost, so you pay exclusively what you buy, without annoying hidden taxes.

Characteristics Casino Clickandbuy

💖 Casino con ClickandBuy
📋 Casino Legali Gambling
⏰ Timing withdrawal
24-72 Ore
⌛ timing deposits
💵 sampling limit
💰 Consider transactions
🏆 Best casino game
video Poker
📱 App Casino ClickandBuy
🎁 Best bonus
Deposit bonus
🎲 games available
🎬 Live games
📌 New Casino Clickandbuy
🔒 Safe payments
💳 Safe withdrawals

How to use Clickandbuy in the mobile mess

The desire to play inside the online casino Clickandbuy cannot always wait. That's why to be able to access from your mobile device It can represent a nice advantage. The classic smartphone and tablet can, in fact, be used for work, to get in touch with loved ones, but also for moments of pure fun. Here, therefore, the most important software house in the sector have decided to implement their services by offering you perfect platforms for the mobility game. Young people and adults spend more and more time with a mobile phone in their hands and for the various portals losing this opportunity would be an amateur error. The investment in terms of aging and renewal of the user interfaces therefore made itself necessary to keep up, in a market like that of the online game, which continues to run fast and attract an ever wider audience.

That's why for all online casinos Clickandbuy you find both the desktop and the mobile version and, in many cases, even a practical and modern dedicated application. The proposal of functions and services on the smartphone is the same as the official website, at most you can find some modified elements, to make sure that the screen adapts to the new size of the display, but nothing complicated! Obviously also the chances of winnings, games, quotas and safety remain exactly the same, which speaks of mobile version or apps, as well as fluidity, thanks to the responsive functionality that all the sites are now equipped. To start playing you just need to access the online casino Clickandbuy your credentials, then proceed to your favorite categories, from slots to card games, passing through poker, black jack e roulette.

App Casino con ClickandBuy

app casino

The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

Play responsibly

How to make the most of clicking in online casinos

The online casino clickandbuy are numerous and allow you, as mentioned, to perform deposit and withdrawal operations in an extremely rapid way. As previously described, in fact, you have the opportunity to exploit all the services in the online casinos Clickandbuy simply by going to type a username and a password, without ever showing sensitive data. To optimize the use of this method of payment, you can also associate with your profile clicks accounts and cards, and then go to select the most suitable type according to your needs of the day. Do you want to use Clickandbuy inside one of the supported online casinos? Just identify the section relating to the "Cassa" and proceed with the recharge of your account or the withdrawal of your winnings. But we will analyze all the various passages some paragraphs further on. Ultimately the online casino clickandbuy allow you to have fun and transfer funds in a simple way, all within an environment of gamble 360 ° protected from latest generation security protocols.

Advantages and disadvantages in the use of clickandbuy in online casinos

The advantages in choosing online casino clickandbuy are different, but three in particular have attracted our attention (and they will probably like to you too!). The first aspect that characterizes the clickandbuy tool is that relating to privacy. What do we mean? It is a payment method that guarantees you total anonymity and this can be important for two reasons:

  • SAFETY - In fact, using Clickandbuy you will only provide your email address and the relative password, but you will never enter the card number or data relating to the current account, information that will be "not visible". This takes you back from any risks, such as the classic fraud attempts or the copy of sensitive data

  • Confidentiality - In fact not all users of online casino clickandbuy want to make their game habits known and this tool ensures you the total anonymity also in this sense

Second advantage concerns the possibility of keeping track of each transaction carried out inside the clickandbuy online casinos and in the various e-shops, all in real time. In this way you will never have surprises! Third and last advantage concerns the exclusive promotions that often the online shops and casinos Clickandbuy reserve you if you decide to choose this method of deposit/withdrawal for your purchases. For example, you can get free games at roulette, poker tickets, points to be accumulated inside the various Vip Clubs and Free Spins for the funny Slot machinenull If you are not yet convinced, continue reading the review and viewing the further features that this modern payment tool makes you available. Let's now move on to the paragraphs concerning the deposit and withdrawal operations carried out in the online casino clickandbuy.

Use clickandbuy to deposit in online casinos

Do you want to recharge your account inside an online casino Clickandbuy? We explain to you how to list a series of steps to follow:

  • Search for the "Cassa" section of your game platform, you should view it in all the pages of the site and certainly on the home

  • Choose the "Deposit" option

  • Select as a "clickandbuy" payment method

  • Insert the amount you want to recharge inside the appropriate text box

  • Click on the button that is shown to you to confirm the operation

At this point you will be re-deduced towards the Clickandbuy service, where you can insert the user ID and the password to authorize the payment. If everything has gone for the best you should view the "Deposit" message. In a very short time the sum you required will be deposited on your game account, together with any Casino bonus available, and you can proceed with the use of that figure to play inside the online casino Clickandbuy. Remember that you can make your payments without any additional cost, in total safety and during the entire day of the day, the service is in fact active 24/7.

Use Clickandbuy to take online casinos

We now talk about the samples, therefore of that procedure that allows you to withdraw the fruit of your beloved winnings. The speech is very similar to what we have done for the account charging operations, but we also offer you in this case a small scheme, to clarify the various phases. So, to withdraw you must:

  • Identify the section relating to the "Cassa" within the game platform

  • Choose the "withdrawal" option

  • Select the "Clickandbuy" payment method

  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw within the appropriate text box

  • Click on the "Confirm" button

Also in this case you will be catapulted on the login page relating to your Ewallet Clickandbuy, so you will have to insert your access credentials and authorize the withdrawal operation. In this way the money you won on the game platform or on the platform of sport bets They will be moved to your Clickandbuy account and will also be available for transfers on the current account and credit/debt card. The only difference you can find between the recharging operations of your game account and those of withdrawal of the sums won concerns the time necessary for the accreditation. In fact, in the first case you will be able to view the figure deposited essentially within a few moments, while as regards the credit of the winnings on your Clickandbuy account, a couple of days may be needed to get to the completion of the transaction.

Final opinions on Clickandbuy and online casinos

Within this review we tried to consider all the most important features that define the payment system for online casino Clickandbuy. It is a free ewallet, safe and simple to use, that you can connect to your accounts and your cards so you don't have to provide your sensitive data every time. It is true that the net is becoming more and more secure, but it is equally true that the dangers and scams are always around the corner, so it is better to pay attention. The Clickandbuy payment system shows good performance and is very close to the well -known electronic portfolios Paypal, Neteller and Skrill, just to name a few, with which it shares the guarantee of total anonymity, useful in perspective safety and on the privacy side.

Registration is also very quick and simple to complete, it does not require particular operations and allows you to use different features immediately. With Clickandbuy it is also easy to keep track of your transactions and you have the opportunity to request 24 hours a day, in the event of some doubts about the functioning of the service. Too bad for the official website available only in English and American, however the portal is full of information and you also find an excellent FAQ section, to which you rely on for any curiosities. The Security sector is one of the flagships of this tool, which is equipped with FCA authorization and uses an excellent anti -theft system to protect you and all other users of the platform. To conclude, we offer you a table with the key points relating to the Clickandbuy service:

  • Has free, quick and intuitive activation

  • It allows you to make purchases in a few clicks and in total safety, both on the online casino clickandbuy and in the various e-commerce

  • It has one of the most efficient anti -flap systems in the world

  • A high -level assistance service makes available to you (24/7), made up of cordial and prepared operators

  • It allows you to deposit and withdraw funds in a completely safe and anonymous way, since only a user ID and a password are requested

We at playgambling.org We recommend that you try this payment system in the various online casinoe in the various American legal poker sites, in order to get an idea of the advantages in the first person. Take a look at our site to understand which platforms accept this tool and sign up to experiment with features in a few clicks.

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