Burraco - information and rules for playing

Talking about burraco means referring to a card game that presents many analogies with other pastimes, above all Ramino and Scala 40. The burraco, in any case, falls within another "family" of games, the "pinnacola" and, For this reason, it does not descend from the jar (as happens for scale 40). The first traces of the Burraco bring to Uruguay, a state in which it has been present since the mid -1940s. However, his success came only a few decades later in the 80s. As for our country, it was Puglia who introduced it and, always starting from the 80s, to give life to the first tournaments within clubs and associations. The next step, thanks to the popularity achieved, was the foundation in 1994 of the "American Burraco Federation". It is the latter that takes care of the rules, and to promote the game.

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The game is forbidden to minors under 18 and can cause pathological addiction

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General characteristics of the burraco

We have mentioned, in the first lines, to the points in common with scale 40. Among others, some combinations are remembered from the trio to the stairs. However, it is necessary to take into account the existence of important differences. For example, the 2 can also be used as Jolly, going to replace any other card inside the combinations (or sequences). The 2 in the guise of Jolly is a common feature of the games belonging to the "Pinnacola" family. The burraco presents the so -called heel (also known as "Mount of Scraps"), to which it is possible to appeal to discard a card, or to collect useful cards for a play. In the following paragraph you will have the opportunity to discover the main rules of the burraco. For now we limit ourselves to indicating how this game, in its standard version, sees at the table ready to challenge 4 people. Some variants allow you to play in 2, or in 3. it is rare, but not impossible, to play games even with 5 or 6 players. 2 decks of French 54 cards are used, for a total of 108 cards.

Instructions to play burraco

Any game in Burraco, even those made in the Reliable casinos no deposit, begins with the choice of the Mazziere; Those who, among the four participants, will be able to fish the highest card by choosing it from one of the two decks, will hold this role. At this point, the wells will be prepared, an operation followed by the distribution phase of the cards. The first sees the player sitting on the right of the Mazziere "cut" the cards (the classic lifting of a part of the deck). From the cards in hand you will get 2 bunches, each of which are equipped with 11 cards; The bouquet itself is formed by placing one above the other cards, alternatively, from the first and second deck. Remember that the cards themselves must be taken not from above, but from the bottom of each deck. After the operation, the Mazzetti will be arranged on each other, cross; The free cards will be placed at the center of the game table, covered. In the variant of the burraco which has 3 players as protagonists only one of the bunches will present 11 cards; The other, in fact, will be made up of 18 cards (it is the latter to be positioned at the top. The player who will first end the cards in his hand will take new ones from the 18 -cards, playing alone against the couple of remaining players.

Once the second phase of the Burraco is concluded, the Smazzato takes place normally, following a precise order. We move from the closure (necessary to go to the cockpit) to the creation of one (or more) burraco, reaching the stalls with the closure. Considering that the first goal is represented by the cockpit you will probably have already thought, especially if you are not very familiar with this game, which could be advantageous to renounce to build a burraco, reserving this operation at a later time (making use of the cards present in the cockpit) null This thought translates, in the initial phases, in setting itself as the main objective to drop the greatest number of possible combinations. This will entail the renunciation of the waiting game.

But what is the real purpose of those who sit at a table, real or virtual, for play live In Burraco? Each couple must adopt the best strategies to stay without cards, collecting one of the bunches (therefore "going to a club") and continue the game immediately (this option is possible only if you have managed to "go on the fly", played that we will describe between A few lines) or in the next round. If what has just been indicated is the primary objective of the burraco, the second is to obtain at least 1 combination made up of 7 or more cards. It is precisely to this combination that the name of Burraco (or Canast) is assigned. One last goal remains to be achieved, namely to remain without cards in hand, so to "close". If neither couples could do it, the game will end when only 2 cards to fish will remain on the table.

How to "go to Mazzetto"? It is necessary to drop, or attack, all the cards in hand. There are two viable roads: do not discard or discard. In the first case you will collect the bunch by playing it immediately; It is this strategy that is known how to "go on the fly". In the second, however, any card will be discarded (if you want a 2), just playing the bunch in the following round. Turning to examine the "closure", the latter can be obtained by discarding a card. There are two types of Canaste: clean (also called "pure") and dirty (also known as "impure"). The clean canaste are obtained without using Pinelle or Jolly (except in the event that Pinella is present in its natural position, i.e. that of the 2, and has the same seed). The second type of Canaste, on the other hand, provides for the use of the pinelle or joker. Once the closure will proceed to count the points achieved by each couple. The drop cards assign these scores; The Canast, in its "pure" version, is worth 200 points; In turn, the "dirty" canast attributes 100 of it. Descended of value, follow the joker (30), the Pinella (20), the ace (15), the Re, Woman, Fante, 10, 9 and 8 cards (10 points are worth) and the cards from 7 to 3 (with 5 points). The other cards left have the same value as their "fall" counterpart, but the points are negative and no longer positive. If a couple failed to take the bunch, 100 points will be removed from the final count. If, on the other hand, while taking it, she has not been able to play it, it will be required to pay the sum of the points due to the cards of the club.

The couple can win capable of reaching 2005 points. Previously we have mentioned the fact of how it is possible to play multiple versions of burraco which include 3, 5 or 6 players respectively. In the variant with 3 participants, the game includes a direct challenge until the threshold of 1000 points is reached. Subsequently, those who took the cockpit first will continue the game alone. The rules of the burraco with 3 remain unchanged for the 5 version. It is only the number of decks to change; In this case, in fact, 3 54 cards are used. Finally, in the 6 players burraco, the couples involved will be 3, and before having access to the cockpit a couple will necessarily have to get a burraco. The "real" burraco is also rather widespread, which stands out from the classic version for the presence of two new combinations. The first takes its name from the game itself (royal burraco), and is obtained with cards in sequence (which start from an ace finishing with a second ace). This combination assigns 1000 points. The "noble" burraco, on the other hand, attributes 500 points and is made up of a sequence that always starts from the ace, but ends with a king.

Burraco game in online casinos

Considering the popularity achieved by the burraco in recent years, and the interest shown by the youngest towards him, this card game could not be ignored by Best online casinoThat it was a good choice by the platforms dedicated to gambling is evident in the success achieved in a limited period of time. To have convinced the players accustomed to bet from the screen of a PC are above all the great playability of the burraco and the numerous offers, including bonuses, revolts associated with this particular version. The ability to involve users of any level, from the beginners to beginners, to the great experts on the subject, promoted the online diffusion of the Burraco. If you decide to allocate part of your free time to the virtual burraco you will have the opportunity to challenge opponents by choosing them based on the level of experience. As with any other game present in virtual casinos, everything you have to do will be to register in one of the rooms with authorized by AAMS. Only this authorization will guarantee you safe and transparent play. Like what happens for the table version, online you can take part in games in which you will face one opponent, or opt for challenges between two pairs of players.

Playing the burraco in online casinos from mobile devices

The time you spend outside the walls of the house represents an insurmountable obstacle to your desire to Betting? Are your days marked by commitments of all kinds? Why not take advantage of the increasingly advanced applications intended for gambling lovers? The road that an increasing number of virtual mess has chosen to travel a few years ago soon started fruiting, bringing several users (including those who have never wanted to give up the atmosphere of a terrestrial room) to prefer this mode. Among the strengths of playing Burraco through a mobile device, comfort is certainly included.

At any time of the day, in fact, you will simply have a few free minutes to relax with a game. The involvement is ensured by a fluidity now assimilable to that of the game in the online version, and by a graphics that, in many cases, has reached excellence. The introduction, by various virtual rooms, of particular versions and exclusive bonuses, must not be underestimated. For example, it is not uncommon that in the platforms the burraco is proposed divided into several levels; You will climb a certain number of points reached. You can have fun from smartphone o tablet Whatever the operating system (the majority of the apps is proposed for both Android and iOS) of your device. And if you have no experience on burraco, take advantage of the "For Fun versions" to play without betting real money.

Tips to play best with the burraco

Above all, those who have recently approached the game to be able to find some advice. First, try to get the cockpit faster than others. This will allow you, like i casino bonus, to enjoy a not indifferent advantage over your opponents; You will thus be able to access multiple "jolly" cards to complete the stairs with greater speed. Arriving first also has an additional advantage, namely that of playing cards in hand with greater freedom. Equally important, in the burraco, is to observe and memorize the actions adopted by the other players. In particular, view and memory will have to focus on discarded cards. One last advice consists in having anxious to collect Monte Scarti without attributing importance to the moment you will make this choice. You will have to do it only if this operation will allow you to have really useful cards. At the same time, avoid collecting in the event that who you are challenging finds themselves in hand only 2 cards.