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Welcome to our section that deals with the topic of Betting on footballThe game of the ball is the most loved by the Americans and in it many bets can be made at all hours thanks to the best legal and safe bookmakers. We at playgambling.org We want to make you know all the aspects of the bets on football in order to better choose the online bookmakers with which to play. We are real experts in sports betting on football and we provide you with a complete list of all the best sites that allow you to play with betting on football. If you still don't know much bets on the ball, our page can really be right for you. As previously anticipated, we are able to direct you to the best American bookmakers with Gambling license. In short, the world of sports betting on football will no longer have secrets. Read this page and have fun too to bet on football matches such as Serie A, the Bundesliga, the Spanish Liga, the French Ligue 1, the Europe Leauge and the Champions League.

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Types of betting

General information on football betting

Even those who are not fond of football are aware of how the sporting discipline just mentioned are the most popular in our country; This not only considering the number of practitioners (of any level, from friends who limit themselves to giving four kicks to the ball to professionals), but also by taking into consideration the fans, ready to follow the team of the heart at the stadium, or to enjoy the games On TV in company. It was obvious that a phenomenon capable of achieving such a scope was able to involve sports betting lovers. Not surprisingly, the bets on football are the most popular. To favor their diffusion were multiple factors, primarily the immense offer of events (championships and cups) by the best Betting sites. This vastness will allow you to bet on any day of the week, without having to wait for the weekend.

From Serie A to the local Serie B, moving to the English Premier League and the Spanish Liga, reaching the famous Champions League and the tournaments organized in ours and other continents, you will surely find the right inspiration to invest a part of the budget that you have reserved for gamble. But it will be focusing on a specific number of championships, and studying the statistics relating to the participating teams, which you can get from Betting on football maximum satisfaction. By subscribing to a platform that proposes games in live streaming you will make your experience even more intoxicating: you can follow the meetings and aim at any time, even to the game started. Moreover, looking at the games will make you have a more realistic vision of the conditions in which a certain team is located, improving your future forecasts.

How bets on football work

Over the years, the types of betting on football have multiplied, allowing users to indulge themselves and to look for new paths to earn the episodes. The even more widespread option consists in predicting the result of a single game (1x2), selecting between three possibilities: "1" (victory of the host team), "X" (draw) and "2" (success of the team that Play away). If this also constitutes the simplest episode among the existing ones, you will have many other bets to invest your money. We will examine them in detail in the paragraph that is about to start.

Types of betting on football

What characterizes the episode known as "double chance"? The fact that a player finds himself betting not on one but on two possible results of a meeting. By choosing "1x", the bet will be a winner if the home team will win the victory, or in the event of a draw; With "X2", on the other hand, you will be rewarded when the away team will win, or if the outcome of the parties will be a draw. Finally, with "12", it will be sufficient for one of the two contenders to fight the other to collect the expected win. What do bets on football "under/over" refer to? To a game that takes into account the number of goals scored during a meeting. In practice, if opting for the under you will win when the scored goals are less than a number, the over requires a number of goals higher than a previously established figure. Generally, the "2.5" is proposed as a limit: if the total goals at the end of the game will be 3 or more the over will win, with 2 or less to win the under. Do not forget that this particular type can also concern the goals and corner kicks.

If in the schedule, also present in the Best American Legal Casino, a match is scheduled between two teams that have distinguished themselves up to that moment for the strength of their attack (or for the weakness of the defensive phase), better to focus on the over. Conversely, two solidly solid teams, and not very prolific at goals, should push you to prefer the under. The "partial/final" is also part of the most common bets on football, which will call you to spot the result at the end of the first half, and to the conclusion of the meeting. In order to collect the win, you will be obliged to hit them both. It could happen that the two times see the same team prevail over the other (11 or 22), or that they end in a tie (XX) or, again, that there is a reversal of the result in the second half (12 or 21). But partial tie and victory of one of the two teams at the ninetieth (X1 or X2), or of victory at the end of the first 45 minutes and final draw (1x or 2x) are also possible. More difficult to center, but more generously remunerated among football betting is the "exact result".

You will not only have to identify the outcome of the game, but indicate the precise score. "Goal/No Goal" sees the bettors focus on the fact that both teams manage to score a goal, or that one of the two does not suffer goals. Also for this bet, a good habit is to follow the statistics regarding the prolificity of attacks and the unrepeatability of the defenses. The "draw no bet" is a particular episode, seen by those who bet as a kind of insurance. Why? As it allows you to obtain a "refund" of what was aimed if a draw occurs despite the fact that one of the two teams have been indicated as the winner. The bet, in fact, will prove to be loser only if the victory will be caught by the formation that is not the subject of the selection. Another betting on football? Have you ever heard of the "peer/odd"?

This bet has as its object the sum of the goals signed by both teams. At this point, it is appropriate to dedicate a few lines to the regulation relating to the "with handicap" games, divided for convenience into two types: to the European (or classic handicap) and Asian. In this article we will limit ourselves to providing indications on the first. As happens for the bet on the outcome of the meeting, you will have to try to guess how a game will end; However, one of the two teams will be penalized (virtually) with 1 or more goals to the passive. An example will better clarify the mechanism. If a "-1" handicap is planned, because your episode is winning the club on which you have invested the money (and your hopes) not only will have to win, but it will be necessary that there are two goals in the score (it will happen With a 2 to 0, a 3 to 1, a 5 to 3 and so on). A victory for 1 to 0 or 2 to 1 will not be enough for you to exult.

When is it appropriate to opt for classic handicap football betting? If a meeting, already a priori, is strongly unbalanced in favor of one of the two teams and, in particular, if the strongest training enjoys the advantage of playing within the friendly walls. Considering how to focus figures on the simple outcome of the meeting, he risks making very low winnings (the shares proposed by the bookmakers will only be slightly higher than 1), choosing players with handicaps will guarantee you potentially greater earnings. Betting on football, in addition to the "Goal/No Goal", include other episodes that see the networks signed protagonists. With "teams to score", a bettor will have to predict whether both teams, or one of the two, will be able to score in the 90 minutes. Obviously, in the second case you will be required to indicate which team will find the way to the goal.

"First marker", on the other hand, will see you busy guessing, by a specific list provided by the bookmaker, the player who will unlock the game. And if you think that the first goal is a footballer absent from this list, all you have to do is choose the "Others" option. "First goal time interval" represents one of the most important innovations in the football scene, having joined the bets on football recently. It offers players the opportunity to focus on a phase of the game, hoping that in those minutes one of the teams will be able to sign a goal. In most cases the meetings are divided into time intervals of 15 minutes each. And nothing will prevent you from betting that the match can end with white nets. "Total exact goal", finally, considers the episodes that guess the exact sum of goals signed throughout the game winning. The "normal" episode takes into consideration the goals of both clubs, but you can also choose one of the two, and combine a specific time.

If you intend to bet at a certain moment, but you think the shares offered too low (and therefore consider the possible earnings not very significant), you could opt for the bets on football belonging to the category of "events combinations", different from the multiple ( We will examine the latter in a few lines), referring to the same event. What are the most common combinations in the universe of football betting? Certainly "result+under/over or goal/no goal". In the first case, the outcome of a meeting is linked to the possibility that during the race a greater (or minor) number of a previously established threshold is marked. By combining the result with the "goal/no goal", you will have to predict whether both teams will be able to score or not. The "Double Chance + Under/Over or Goal/No Goal" combination is very similar. By choosing the first, when you carry out the 1x2 game you will be required to indicate two possible results. "Under/Over +" Gol/No Goal "rewards the players capable of guessing at the same time if the number of networks signed by the two teams exceeds a certain limit, and if the two formations will both mark at least on one occasion in the course of the match.

Therefore, in this case it has no importance if the race will end with a draw or if one of the two teams will prevail over the other. Here we are now talking about those that, most likely, is the type of betting on the most fun football: the multiple. Thanks to the latter you can form a card characterized by a minimum of two events. And the markets from which to choose the events must not necessarily be the same. The peculiar aspect of multiple has as its object the shares relating to individual events, the subject of a multiplication among them: the potential profit will certainly be higher.

Safety of betting on online football

How to be sure to have fun and try to win interesting figures, even in Best legal sites without deposit, taking advantage of the bets on football, without fear of being the victim of fraud or attempts of theft (data and money)? You will simply select a platform that has the AAMS brand. The latter ensures that the portal was the subject of verification by the Customs Agency and State Monopolies (previously AAMS), obtaining authorization to operate on the American market in a legal way. On the contrary, addressing their hopes with unauthorized portals that propose bets on football means exposing themselves to possible scams, sometimes perpetrated in such a thin way that it is difficult to detect by the bettors. This happens, for example, in the case of the sites that establish very high payouts to withdraw the sums won, imposing players to aim for relevant sums. In the long run, these huge investments could lead to losing more money than expected.

But a platform that proposes betting on football, in order to guarantee adequate protection to members, should take advantage of the HTTPS connection protocol. Not least is the importance taken by the assistance service. Having available operators ready to answer doubts, questions and difficulties of any kind found on the pages of a site is a nice advantage, especially for newbies. If you have decided only now to dedicate yourself to betting on football it may be useful to start your adventure by opting for the simplest types of episodes. Once you have taken your hand you will be ready to move on to the less likely bets in the outcome but more profitable, up to multiple and combinations.

Betting on football and the mobile world

The world of gamble He benefited from the latest technologies. This is even more true taking into consideration the important role that smartphones and tablets have carved out in the daily life of professionals, students and beyond. And the bets on football have picked up the possibilities offered by the mobile, inducing operators to invest with great agreement in this field. Thanks to the platforms optimized for mobile screens you can focus on meetings without being forced to download any program, but only entering the dedicated section. Alternatively, more and more portals offer the possibility of downloading apps made to make bets on football even faster and more intuitive. In this area, significant improvements from the point of view of graphics and fluidity are reported. And during the day, have an app or a Site to play from Mobile It will allow you to also take advantage of a small break to "detach the plug" and have fun. To make your bets on football even more adrenaline will be the streaming services.

Final considerations on football betting

Football represents one of your biggest passions? Do you not think satisfactorily to look at the Serie A meetings and the main European championships, and are you used to deepening every aspect of this popular sport following broadcasts, reading sports newspapers and perhaps practicing it? Then betting on football will be able to give you great satisfaction. The right mix between intuitions, study of statistics, calculations and a pinch of luck will be sufficient for you to be able to win. On the other hand, the world of Betting is easily accessible, and the combination of the factors just indicated pushes more and more passionate to enter to be part of it. Are you afraid of not being brought for bets? Do not worry, as the presence of a close competition among the operators led the latter to create platforms increasingly to user scored and increasingly safe.

You will find portals rich not only of events (and therefore of episode options) but also of useful information to allow the least accustomed to the world of bets to quickly understand their mechanisms. Have you already tried to dedicate a few hours of your time to gambling, but have you found the less exciting experience than expected? This will hardly happen by turning your attention to betting on football. The presence of an endless number of competitions, between championships and cups played at the four corners of the globe, and the existence of many betting options will not give you the opportunity to bore you; Indeed, you will be more and more stimulated to read statistics and adopt new strategies to maximize your chances of winning.

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