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The world of horses' world is a truly complex world. There are many betting on horses That can be done and we want to give you the opportunity to consume the best way to bet and the best legal betting sites. The casinoonlineams.com editorial staff is here to guide you to discover the betting on horses, so that you can make the most of these fun games. The horses' races are held within the most famous hippodrome in the world and you can bet on horse racing as many times as you want it. Thanks to the betting sites that we offer you, you will be able to bet on horses and all the horse races in the world. There are no limits, only your desire to have fun with horses. Read this page as well and find out how to make the most of the world of horse racing bets. We at playgambling.org We are at your side to make you discover this fun world. As mentioned above, on this page you will find the complete list of all the best American bookmakers who allow you to bet on horses right away. Also choose your own horse betting site independently, many bonuses and lots of fun await you. For anything about horse racing, we are here to help you.

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Types of betting

General information on horse racing bets

In the long history of our country's legalized game, horses bets managed to carve out a very important role. A large group of enthusiasts still recalls the famous totip with a pinch of nostalgia, a competition that, starting from 1948 (two years of delay compared to the Totocalcio card), has given generous prize pool throughout USA, filling the racecourse From north to south. With the decades of decades, in any case, like the totocalcio, the totip has seen its appeal decrease. But the passion for racing, while remaining dormant for a long time, has never disappeared.

The "real" bets on horses have always distinguished themselves for the unique atmosphere. From the pungent smell of the slopes to the presence of the allybraons, called to collect the bets of the aficionados, to negotiate for one or the other horse by assisting the races by the racecourse has remained in the mind of many an indelible memory. So much was the popularity achieved by betting on horses That some hums have managed to become real celebrities: from Seabiscuit to Roosevelt, to the most recent Varenne. And the world of cinema has repeatedly paid homage to the races; In USA we remember, for example, the film "Horse fever", a film shot by Steno who has in Gigi Proietti and Enrico Montesano the main protagonists, now considered a real cult. Fortunately, for some years it has been possible to focus on the races of horses by relying on the web.

The best platforms offer subscribers a good number of simulated events, proposing both galloping and trot. But what is the difference between one and the other? In the gallop, the horse is mounted by the jockey to tackle flat routes, or tracks characterized by the presence of different obstacles. In the trot, however, the jockey does not directly mount the horse, using a cove (the "Sulky"). To change, from one discipline to another, are also the characteristics of the horses used. If you have a minimum of knowledge of the world of horse racing and betting on horses, in all likelihood you will have heard of some legendary runs. Without prejudice to the Palio di Siena, an American appointment that offers two runs every year (respectively in the months of July and August), the English soil has become famous for the "Grand National" and the "Cheltenham Festival".

If in France the "Grand Prix d’Amerique" deserves a quote, in the United States it is the "Kentucky Derby" the most famous race. Finally, Australia hosts the "Melbourne Cup". A feature that differentiates bets on horses from many other types of bets that exist today is the very high number of available games. And the online portals have equipped themselves to guarantee enrollments an engaging experience, making them relive the atmosphere of the racecourses. By choosing to bet on national and international virtual horse races you will also have the opportunity to aim for events in progress (as happens in football). To generate competitions are software created specifically, whose regulation is entrusted to the Customs and Monopolies Agency

How bets on horses work

Among the distinctive elements of the betting on horses it is advisable to mention first of all the shares. These are not applied solely "fixed altitude" (which takes place, for example, in sports disciplines such as basketball and tennis), but also "to total flavor". What differentiates from each other? If in the first case the winning is assigned to a specific play, the figures given in totalizing bets are intended to vary according to the flow of games relating to the individual event, and the amounts of betting. What is overall collected is subsequently divided between the winners taking into account the amount of the games, but after the total has been removed from the total, the percentage intended for bookmakers. It is therefore necessary to wait for the end of a race to determine the real scope of the win. In practice, the sum of the games, carried out in one of the Many American casinos, it goes to form the "collection by type", that is, the amount collected on a certain type of bet.

In addition to being proposed in specialized networks (racecourse, online platforms and betting centers dedicated exclusively to horses), totalizing bets are also available within generic sports agencies. They can concern trot and gallop races, but also the "trio". By examining the markets, you will be entitled to focus on a winning horse, or on its placement among the first three equines reached the finish line. Several portals accept bets on the trio and on the combination. To make horse bets even more exciting is the possibility of following streaming races; In fact, some platforms have adopted dedicated channels. To help you in the choice of the horse on which to bet are a series of statistics on the results obtained in recent times by horses and jockeys. You will also find information on the type (and state) of the land that will host the races, on the weather and on the other variables that could potentially affect the outcome of the competition. If some players prefer to limit themselves to focusing on favorites, in reality to increase the chances of winning in horses bets, it is essential to inquire, study and adopt the best strategies.

You could create a database by inserting names of horses and jockeys and writing down the statistics relating to different types of track. It is not said that a winning horse on the grass is able to offer equally satisfactory performances on the sand. A complete and constantly updated database will help you get an idea on the probability of winning the different horses, and to predict the outcomes of future races. And with these elements you can compare your "quotas" with those of the main bookies. A further suggestion? Check the data collected 24 hours before the races. Why? Because most bettors are used to making hypotheses, and to choose the horse on which to aim, a few minutes from the start; It is not uncommon for this behavior to lead to a decrease in shares due to the important flow of episodes. Finally, remember to alternate play on the safer card to other more "intuitive", trying to distribute the available budget. Have you never had the opportunity to make betting on horses so far? Then, before starting to aim it may be useful to familiarize yourself with some characteristic terms of the world of equine races. With "Scuderia report", the horses owned by a single owner enrolled in a race are indicated.

The word "handicap", on the other hand, is combined with some horses in order to minimize the differences in performance between the horses. In particular, it is used in the races where some horses are clearly favored, on paper, compared to the other participants. If the statistics referring to a specific horse are indicated with the term "music", the "quota" is the value that will allow you to understand what the chances of winning an equine are. Have you ever heard in the bets on the horses of the "mutua"? This term defines a mode of episode in which the share is not established by bookmakers, but by the players themselves (a bit as happens, in football betting, with the "Betting Exchange"). Finally, "Cross-Country", "hedges" and "Steepie-Chase" represent three different types of obstacles on the track.

Types of betting on horses

In the previous lines, the methods of betting on classical horses have been briefly mentioned, i.e. those in which a player focuses, even in sites with no deposit bonuses, on the winner or on the placement of a horse in the first three places. Now we enter more on the merits of the betting on horses not limiting ourselves to describing the simplest, but also examining other types. First, however, it is necessary to make a distinction between "national" and "international" horse racing. While referring to both to the totalizing bets, the prize pool of the former is linked to the collection of the amounts played in our country; The latter, on the other hand, also consider bets on horses from other European states. The most common play of the betting on horses, and also the simplest, sees users investing on the horse (and relative jockey) winning, that is, destined to cross the finish line of a race first. It is proposed both at a fixed and to total altitude. Also at a fixed and totalizing altitude is the "placed" bet.

However, compared to the previous one the latter examines the number of horses participating in the tender. When at the start between the 4 and 7 horsepower, so that your bet is considered winning the horse you chose will have to triumph or rank second. If the horses at the start are 8 or more you will win even if the equine you have bet on you will reach third at the finish. Another interesting bet is the "placed on three", also called simply "trio", playable on races starring at least 6 horses.

Unlike previous horses betting, the trio is available only to totalizing, and provides for a series of system games concerning the first 3 classified. It is divided into "Trio in order" (giving the horses that will be squareing exactly at the first or second place in a race with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 horses), "Trio in disorder" (also known as "Trio to turn ", In which you will win by predicting 2 horses placed at the first 2 seats, regardless of those who will come first and second)," with a placed "(by guessing the equino on the first or second and what will be placed in the other position)," With two placed "," with winner "and" with two winners ". The same "Quarté" and "Quinté" also follow the same logic. Unlike the trio, however, these bets on horses focus on the first four (or the first five in the quinté) classified. The latter two games are available only on certain national horse races, and not on the entire schedule of competitions. There are also the so -called "combined bets": they see the players predicting one or more horses with double chance of winning. You can bet on "Winning or placed" and on "Coupled or Trio" (the prediction will concern three horses, which can arrive between the first two or three, in disorder).

Some operators also offer "multiple bets" (or "martingala"), giving online users the opportunity to predict winning or placed on multiple races and horses. Before concluding this section we want to report a couple of unexpected events capable of influencing the outcome of a bet. In particular, what happens to bets on horses if one of the participants were to retire before the street, or if a number of horses lower than that provided for by the bet will come to the finish line? In the first case, the betting units in which a horse (or more horses) appeared before the departure are reimbursed. By exemplifying, did you choose to focus on a trio by choosing the horses "1", "2", "3" and "4", and the horse "3" retired before the street? In the case, you can ask for a refund of the combinations in which that horse appears. The other combinations will still remain valid. If upon arrival, the number of horses is less than that expected you will not be entitled to obtain any refund, as the fee will simply increase the jackpot. This means that by playing a "trio" bet, with only 2 horses classified upon arrival, the episode will be losing.

Safety of online legal betting

The growing attention of the public towards horse racing bets is at least partially attributable to the fact that a great experience on the subject is not required to win. Of course, having a greater knowledge of the mechanisms of the world of horse racing increases the chances of winning more frequently, and in the long run. But even if you prefer other sports you can start pointing simply to have fun, without expecting to earn immediately. With experience and adequate preparation (on the subject of statistics, analysis of variables, and information on horses and jockeys) you will more easily In the early days you could place episodes of limited amount; In doing so, even any failures will rage only in a reduced way on the budget available for horses betting.

At the same time, if those you care about are the first episodes on the horses of your life, try to focus on single bets, focusing on the combined ones once they have acquired a certain familiarity. The most important thing, however, is to choose a Safe portal who obtained AAMS authorization; It is the latter, in fact, to certify how a platform dedicated to bets is considered suitable to operate in our country. Put simply, you can delight with the betting on horses in complete safety, without feeding doubts about any fraud perpetrated against your damages (coming from both the platform and other registered users), on possible theft of personal data and on illegal subtractions of sums of money from your credit card or the game account.

Horse bets and the mobile world

Accustomed as we are using mobile devices in everyday life, and not only in the workplace, it is essential to have the opportunity to have fun with the betting on horses also from the touch display of a smartphone or tablet. And The world of gambling For some years now it has moved in this direction, thus allowing even those who have very little free time during the day to try to win by placing a few $ on sporting events. If some platforms have spent time and resources in the creation of sections optimized for mobile phones, capable of guaranteeing an experience completely comparable to that normally ensured by the desktop versions, others preferred to invest in the apps, downloadable and installed on any portable device ( Both Android and iOS) in a few seconds. Regardless of the chosen road, the advantages for those who love bets on horses are manifold. The main? The possibility of betting from mobile sites At any time of the day (even in the middle of the night), generally enjoying the same bonuses proposed for the PC version.

Final considerations on horse racing bets

If the physical agencies have witnessed a decrease in the popularity of horse racing over the years, many fans of betting on horses are still on the web. On the other hand, the horse racing is considered one of the most ancient sports disciplines, and the bets related to this world manage to give moments of true adrenaline. The presence of Numerous bonuses and dedicated promotions At particular races or certain types of players have done nothing but increase the popularity of the betting on horses. Among the most popular promotions it is possible to remember the increases on the winnings reserved for those players who decide to focus on matches organized in a specific racecourse, and the incentives recognized to those who opt for multiple games. If it is true that the horse racing uses precise rules, to appreciate the bets on horses are also those people who, although they have never taken into consideration previously, try to aim for pure curiosity, remaining inevitably fascinated by the multiple options available null

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